6 Tips to Take Your Grilling Game to the Next Level

tips for better grilling
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Last time I fired up the grill, I started wondering how I could really take my grilling game to the next level. I wanted some quick tips for better grilling. I know, the things you think about while sounds of sizzling meat hit your ear. Anyway, I digress but I decided to do some research and found some interesting things.

Enjoying your meal outside together with family and friends is an amazing bonding experience. For those of us in charge of the grill, it can be hard to step away from your standard routine. But what if we told you that there are ways to vamp up your barbeque game to make entertaining people even more fun? These 6 tips for better grilling will help take your grilling game to the next level!

Stop Using Your Gas Grill

Now we don’t mean every single time but hear us out because there are countless ways to fire up an amazing barbeque. Whether you prefer direct heat, wood chips, indirect heat, or other methods, one thing many experts agree on is to avoid using gas.

Although using gas is quick it’s hard to reach that amazing grill flavor from it. Smoke should be treated as an ingredient itself. Without it, your barbeque will be missing a whole lot of flavor.

Warm the Meat Up

Whatever meat you are grilling, make sure to take it out of the fridge and allow it to defrost or set at room temperature for some time. We wait at least 20 minutes. This is something we didn’t realize would have such a huge effect on the result, but we were definitely surprised.

Also, in consideration to steak, the key to a great steak is to cook it at a high temperature for a short time. If the meat is cold when it hits the grill, it’s going to take longer to cook; and the longer you have the steak on the grill, it will lose its tenderness.

Don’t Be Afraid to Season the Steak

This is a big one! When grilling, you may be afraid to liberally season your steak. But this can be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make.

While everyone is different and have different tastes, don’t be afraid to experiment. When we started covering our steaks and other meats fairly generously with pepper and salt, the texture and taste really exploded.

Another Tip for Better Grilling? Be Patient

We get it, it can be pretty exciting to use the grill immediately once it gets running. However, the rule of thumb is to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before you use it, especially if you are using lighter fluid. You need to ensure that the fluid has thoroughly burned off the grates and won’t get into your food.

Patience doesn’t only apply before cooking your food. Let’s give the meat a couple of minutes to set before cutting or eating it. I mean, let’s admire that beautiful creation of art before we demolish it! It will continue to baste and cook in its juices while sitting for a minute or two.

Use Two Skewers

Ever have a problem flipping your kebab? With the meat and veggies rotating all over the place while you’re trying to sear the other side. This little trick will solve that problem.

Now, you may get strange looks from your guests, trying using two kebab skewers and all but it works! Using two skewers instead of one will make turning your kebab much easier, especially if you are using vegetables. The skewers will ensure that the meat or veggies won’t slip or tear apart. And it’s also easier to grab using tongs if it gets too hot.

Clean Your Grill

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but many grillers make the mistake of failing to clean their grill. Out of these 6 tips for better grilling, this step ensures that your grill grate stays in tip-top shape.

To start, invest in a good grill brush and scrub your grill before and after each barbeque session. See our review on some of the grill brushes we’ve used here.

Get Your Grill Game On With This Tip for Better Grilling

Like us, you may have a fond memory of your dad, mom, or that weird uncle, manning that beautiful, blazing, fiery grill. Just salivating over the succulent chicken, sausage, steak, veggies, and every other sumptuous delicacy on that grate.

Remember, it takes time, practice and a bit of experimenting to get to that point. Be patient. In time, you too will perfect your own grilling technique. An with the 6 tips to better grilling listed above, you can be a grill master in no time. Now get out there and fire it up. We believe in you!

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