Kona 18-Inch 3 in 1 Grill Brush Review

Kona 18-Inch 3 in 1 Grill Brush
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  • Easy to use
  • 3 brushes make it very effective
  • Durable
  • 5 year warranty
  • The customer service is fantastic


  • Reports of some lose bristles

Grill brushes, like any other tool, morph and improve over the years and new designs become the latest trends among new users. The 3-in-1 grill brush design has proven to be a smash hit and of course, many other brands have released their own version. Kona 18-Inch 3 in 1 Grill Brush is an excellent example as it offers high quality at a very affordable cost.

Kona 18-Inch 3 in 1 Grill Brush Features

If you’ve used the popular 3 in 1 design before then this Kona will be very familiar. Kona, in fact, has a more expensive grill brush version with an innovative bristle-free design, but people tend to like this because they know how to use it and they know it actually works. You just need to dip this in water as you use it and the resulting steam can really help.

This begins with the standard hard plastic handle with a cord at the end so you can hang this up anywhere when you’re done using it. From the handle you have 3 wires that then end up with 3 sets of bristles at the end. The wires are designed so that the angle is low so you can then scrub the grill grate without having to have your hands up high in the air.

The entire grill brush is 18 inches long and again, that’s a very optimal and very common length for grill brushes. It’s long enough so that you keep your hands well away from the hot grill and it’s not too long that it becomes awkward to control and maneuver.

The bristles are made from stainless steel so of course, they won’t rust. But more importantly, these bristles are also very safe for any type of grill grate. Even if you do have porcelain-coated cast iron grills, you won’t need to resort to nylon bristles that just burn up when you use them on hot grills. These are safe enough for any grill that it won’t cause any flaking or scratching.

The bristles also stay put so that should allay any fears about shedding bristles onto the grill that can then get on your food. The design, upon inspection, makes you believe that it really would keep the bristles from loosening.

Kona also paid attention to the rigidity of the frame knowing that you may want to apply a lot of pressure when you scrub off the grime from the grill. This won’t bend or break at all regardless of how much force you exert as it’s estimated to be 60% stronger than the regular version.

Kona attests to the durability of this grill brush by also offering a wonderful 5-year warranty. A 1-year warranty is standard but this one is supposed to last much longer. In fact, the Kona customer service is so conscientious that they’ll email you upon receiving it to ask if you’re satisfied. If you have any sort of issue Kona will just send you a replacement right away.


There are plenty of reasons why so many people are impressed with this Kona grill brush:

  • The design is classic and proven and it really works. It can really get rid of the grime from the grill quite effectively.
  • It’s also very easy to use. The handle feels nice in your hands, the angle is just right, and you can exert as much force as needed. With 3 brushes instead of 1, you can clean a bigger area at once and you can be done much faster.
  • It’s very safe to use. The length keeps your hands from getting burned by the hot grill and the bristles don’t loosen up to cause a hazard in your food.
  • The durability is excellent. This can last for a very long while as it’s designed to withstand a lot of force when you use it. You’ll never wish to get back to flimsy grill brushes when you get used to this.
  • The warranty is for 5 years. Now that’s great and it’s not just for show. Kona really does expect you to use this for that long.
  • You can also use this for all types of grills and that includes the flimsier porcelain-coated cast iron grills. You may have heard about not using stainless steel grill brushes for these grills but this Kona is an exception to that rule.
  • The customer service is also fantastic.


Is there anything wrong with it? Well, it’s not absolutely perfect:

  • You will still need to check the bristles and see if they’re coming loose. It’s unlikely but, it is very possible and in fact there have been a small handful of complaints about this very issue. If this happens you just need to get it replaced.

Final Verdict

Do you have a grill? Then do yourself a favor and just get this Kona 18-Inch 3 in 1 Grill Brush. It really is that good.

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