Qually United 18-Inch 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush Review

Qually United 18-Inch 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush
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  • Angle aids cleaning
  • Quick & effective grill cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Made in China
  • Only 1 year warranty

Looking for a BBQ grill brush isn’t always easy. Sure, they’re not really expensive at all so they bring in more value than you pay out. The problem is that there are too many options available online and in retail shops so sometimes you may be tempted to just get one and think they’re all the same. But, they’re not all the same and this Qually United grill brush emphasizes that point very well.

Qually United 18-Inch 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush is simply superb and we’re not the only people to say so. It’s a highly regarded grill brush that’s a proven best seller online. What’s more, the customer reviews for this are virtually unanimous in their praise of how effective it is. The word “best” is bandied about quite often in the various reviews.

Qually United 18-Inch 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush Features

Let’s start with the hard, black plastic handle that measures 10 inches long. It has the “Qually United” logo imprinted on it and at the end there’s a ring of string (again with the logo label) so you can hang the grill brush up when you’re done with it. The circumference of the handle is just right; it’s not too thick or too thin.

There are 3 stems of stainless steel woven wire emanating from the handle and this explains the “3 in 1” label. This showcases bristles that sprout from each stem which then offers a wider surface area for cleaning. The design offers a lower angle on the handle so that you can scrub the grill grate without having your hands too high up. The wires are 8 inches long so it’s 18 inches in total length.

This is marketed as a “universal” BBQ grill brush which means that it can be used for all types of grills. These include porcelain grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, and even infrared grills.

It even specifically mentions Weber and Foreman grills which are expensive, so you may be hesitant about using stainless steel grill brushes that can damage the grate. This one just won’t cause a scratch no matter what grill you may have.

As this is stainless steel it’s rustproof. It’s also even dishwasher safe which can be a surprise for some folks. Normally you need to soak the brush in a few inches of soapy water for a few minutes. This also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is adequate enough for these things.

Pros of the Qually United

This grill brush is excellent and its advantages are numerous for its users:

  • It really is effective in removing the grime from the sides of the grill grates. The design is outstanding and it can reach every spot even with different grill lines.
  • You can use this for all types of grills. It won’t cause scratches even if your cast iron grill grate comes with porcelain coating.
  • Particularly nice is the angle of the brush. It lets you really put some muscle into the cleaning efforts.
  • The length of the brush also protects your hands from the heat of the grill.
  • It doesn’t take long to clean a grate with this brush because of the surface area and effectiveness. You can clean in 20 seconds what it would take 2 minutes to clean with an ordinary grill brush.
  • It’s easy enough to clean. Just stick it in the dishwasher. Or you can just soak it in soapy water.
  • It’s very durable too. The handle doesn’t break regardless of the force you use, and the bristles stay in place.
  • It’s also a US brand. It’s also only sold in the US.
  • A lot of people love it if you go online and read the customer reviews.


Of course, you may have issues with the following facts:

  • It may be a US brand and this grill brush may have been designed and developed in the US. But, like most products these days it’s probably manufactured in China.
  • The warranty is just for one year. We feel that this is good enough but some people may want a longer warranty.


There’s no denying the fact that this is a superb grill brush. Yes, it is a stainless steel brush, and you may be concerned about your porcelain-coated grill. But there’s really no need to worry. Its ability to leave grills without a scratch has been attested to by thousands of reviews.

It’s also easy to use as you can put to hands on the handle to really scrub off the grime. Qually United really got the angle right, so it’s not awkward to use at all. It’s also long enough so you don’t burn your hands when you use it.

This Qually United 18-Inch 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Brush will also last you a long while and it’ll be useful even after a year has passed. If you use this it’s extremely unlikely that you will regret your choice.

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