What Kind Of Brush To Use On Porcelain Grills

What Kind Of Brush To Use On Porcelain Grill
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If you’ve decided to buy a porcelain grill grate then you’ve made a good call! By now, you already know that a porcelain grill grates can hold heat extremely well. You don’t have to worry about getting it too wet because the porcelain grates are very rust-resistant; however, no matter what the grill type is, it should always be cared for and maintained.

In this article, we are going to talk about the kinds of brushes that are perfect for your porcelain grill. But first, what sets a porcelain grill grate apart from the other grills.

The surface of the grill where you cook your burgers and sausages is the most important part. Whatever the type of grill you have, it should be resilient and strong. It should be able to transfer heat properly and evenly.

The reason why porcelain coated grill grates exist is that it helps make the cleaning process easier. However, be wary of those low-quality grill grates that only use the porcelain as a cover-up for rusted iron. The true purpose of the porcelain is that it replaces the need to regularly oil the grill grates so as to avoid any rust.

With that being said, please bear in mind that whatever type of grill grate you have, you should always follow what your manufacturer’s instructions are. In general, any grill brush can be used on your porcelain coated grill grates unless otherwise advised by your manufacturer.

While almost all grill brushes can be used on porcelain grill grates, some brushes more recommendable than others. Still, we would highly recommend the use of a grill brush with brass bristles or a plastic brush on porcelain grills.

The reason for this is that it does not damage or scratch the porcelain. Brass and plastic are soft and therefore are safe to be used on your porcelain grill grates.

You might have also heard of stainless steel bristles, which are far stiffer than a grill brush with brass bristles. These can also serve as a good alternative in cleaning your porcelain grill.

Just keep in mind that when cleaning a porcelain coated grill grate, the bristles of your brush should be soft so that your grill grates remain in good condition.

Most of the time, the majority of the grill brushes available on the market can be used on any type of grill grate, but you should keep note of one thing: do not use a scraper on porcelain grills. The scraper will allow chipping of the porcelain enamel and you wouldn’t want that, trust me.

There are 2 common types of bristles on grill brushes on the market today:

What kind of brush to use on porcelain grill: The brass bristles

Grill brushes with brass bristles are known to be softer than the usual stainless steel bristles. However, since brass bristles are soft, it also means that they are flattened out easily over the course of time and use. Bottom line, if you own a grill brush with brass bristles then you should replace it regularly compared to the stainless steel bristle brushes.

Stainless Steel Bristles

Compared to brass bristles, stainless steel bristles can last much longer. This is why the bristles of stainless steel brushes are much stiffer. Nevertheless, the stiffness of the stainless steel can sometimes damage grates. Just be sure not to apply too much pressure whenever you are cleaning your grill grates.

As discussed, whenever you are cleaning your porcelain enamel coated grill grates, brass bristles are much more advisable; however, if you can find a stainless steel brush with bristles that are soft enough not to scratch or remove the porcelain enamel on your grill grates, then all the better.

Most stainless steel grill brushes are completely safe to use and they last even longer than brass brushes. Again, either of the two is acceptable. Besides, as we said, it’s not completely about the type of grill brush; it’s about how you take care of your grill grates.

Porcelain coated grill grates are nice to have but you have to make certain decisions in buying the perfect grill brush for your grill grate. Porcelain is an important aspect for your grill grate and taking good care of it, as well as making sure it does not get damaged during the cleaning process, is a must. Brass bristles or stainless steel bristles, it is your choice. If you are having a hard time deciding between the two, you can always consult your manufacturer.

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